About Us

Our Vision
To supply 5 million SOS buttons FREE to the people of South Africa!

Our Mission
To be the BIGGEST suppliers of SOS solutions in South Africa!

Who we are?
We're a small group of dedicated community driven people who developed a cell phone app that we offer FREE of charge to any person in SA. Our aim is not to profit from the man on the street, but rather to help that man with a FREE app!

Putting the community first makes this app very successful already, even though we are just in our baby shoes. We expect this app to grow in strength because of the simple way we think, and the fact that it was developed as a community driven tool. Therefore, and security company who serve in your local area can link to this app (also for free) and received SOS alerts from you.

In a country ripped apart by crime it ha become necessary to offer solutions to the people that is focused on the people, and their safety. We believe we can still make profit from this app, but not by charging normal people ridiculous monthly fees. SOSapp is therefore FREE to the user as well as for the security company in your area. Basically, you have no excuse to live safer!