Is SOSapp really FREE?
Yes, the app itself is FREE to download, there are NO fees payable to use the app. The only cost is your standard alarm fee that your currently pay. The app service is therefore included and you won't pay more!

So what is SOSapp?
SOSapp is basically just a smart link between you and your security company, let's call it an extension of your current service, that uses a cell phone app to send emergency alerts.

Who receives my SOS alerts?
The 24/7 control room of your current security company will receive your SOS alert on their side, and will respond accordingly. A screen is dedicated at the control room of your security company where your SOS will plot on a map with your current location, personal details and medical information. So your security company can see exactly where you are, and can respond with the necessary measures.

What area is being covered?
Your security company will extend its services and now provide assistance to all their clients wherever they are in the Vaal Triangle. This means if a SOS event happens away from your house, your security company will assist.

What happens when I'm outside the Vaal?
Your security company will still receive to SOS alert and can respond by dispatching closer services to your location. For example if you have an incident in Cape Town your local security company can dispatch medical services or SAPS to your location.

Who can install SOSapp?
Any client of DAI, A-Sec, Rescom, Bataleur or EMS can install the app and enjoy the added value. Furthermore, every member of the family can now download the SOS app FREE and register separately. Every person will therefor be able to send a SOS alert to the control room of your current security company.

Can children also register?
Yes, every member of your family must download the app and register using their own cell phone number. This way every family member will enjoy the services of your security company across the Vaal.

What cell phones are compatible?
Most new Android cell phones is compatible with SOSapp. We even tested the app on a 6 year old phone and all features work perfectly. We do however recommend using a newer cell phone running Android.

Is GPS reliable?
Although a GPS location may be 5m of the exact point, and 10m when you are inside a building, it still is a good place for your security company to start looking for you. Let's put it this way, if they were blind-folded would it be an advantage to you?

What about iPones?
We will have an iPhone version ready by January so iPhones users can also have this vital service available on the Apple devices.

I'm with a different alarm company?
Currently we only support the 5 well know and well trusted security companies in our area. Consider moving your alarm system to on of the security companies listed above.

I don't have an alarm company?
Please call us directly if you want to use SOSapp but don't have an alarm company currently. Send your request to our Whatsapp line 078 778 7202 for assistance and sound advice.

Other important stuff?
You need data on your cell phone at all times. A phone without airtime or data is basically a dead device. You can also ensure that your location service (GPS) is enabled on your cell phone so SOSapp can pick up your exact location during an emergency.