Terms and Conditions

(1) SOSapp is the link between the user and the security company only. SOSapp cannot in any way be held responsible or liable for miss communication between the security company and the user. The security company is fully responsible to handle all SOS alerts. SOSapp will therefore not be held responsible for any damage or loss. The user hereby understand that SOSapp is simply the tool used to create a link between the security company and user, and that SOSapp merely act as communication platform between the parties. (2) SOSapp will NOT be held responsible for user-side errors like zero data on the users cellular phone, out of cellular coverage area, location-services not turned on or the non-update of the SOSapp. Also, SOSapp will not take responsibility for the lack of proper training or for the abuse of the SOSapp system. (3) SOSapp reserves the right to suspend or block and user account without prior notice. (4) The user of SOSapp clearly understand that the SOSapp needs to be updated on the Google Play Store from time to time as required and that the user is responsible for software updates on the cellular device. SOSapp will not support any old version of the SOSapp running on a users cell phone. (5) The user fully understand that the app must run in the background of the cellular phone in memory (RAM) for the power-key function to work properly. (6) The user hereby agree to ensure they are familiar to the terms & conditions of his/her current security company with regard to this specific service and the limitations in terms of geographical limitations and the service itself while the user is outside the boundaries of his/her hometown where the user is subscribed to a specific local security company. (7) Your privacy is very important to us, we will therefore NEVER share your information, or part thereof. All information will be kept safe and will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. (8) By accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree to received electronic notification via push message on the SOSapp directly on your cell phone. To opt-out these notifications you will need to uninstall SOSapp from your cell phone. We do however guarantee that such content will be area related and will be confirmed information intended for your safety and security. No adverts or promotions will be send to you via our push notification service.