SOSapp offers 2 services to the community, both FREE of charge. Every community receives their own custom branded SOSapp, that is tailor-made for that specific area, and contain news only for the specific area.

1. A user side Andriod app that's an instant one-touch SOS button. This button is linked to your existing security company who will respond upon and SOS alerts.

2. A Free backend for security companies to see all SOS alerts live on a map with the exact position of every user that sends a SOS alert.

SOSapp also has a 3rd service, which is speed-dials that is custom set for every area and is linked to local services providers like lock-smiths, towing services, dental, eye-care, automotive services and basically any service you might imagine. The speed-dial service is a paid service and not free like the community-side services. Basically, we sustain the day-to-day operation of our app through selling the speed-dial option on our apps.